Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


We have and we will go on having trained a group of good multi-disciplinary students both at the Master and PhD level. Being part of this community as a serious training group is obviously an asset. Our project is also very much involved in two major student programs in France: the Master Bibs (Bioinformatique et Biostatistique) at Université Paris-Sud/École Polytechnique and the parcours d'Approfondissement en Bioinformatique at École Polytechnique. We are also involved in a student partnership with McGill University (partenariat France Quebec offering French and Canadian students co-supervised internships (short term -3 to 6 months- or long term -part of the PhD studies-). J.-M. Steyaert is involved in the development of an interdisciplinary cooperation between Polytechnique and AP-HP that will favor interships of Polytechnicians and Masters students in AP-HP operational services.

Ch. Froidevaux is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Computer Science Doctoral School of Paris-Sud University.

Ch. Froidevaux is co-heading the Master (M1 and M2) at the University Paris Sud. At Ecole Polytechnique, J.-M. Steyaert was in charge of M1 and M2 until october 2014. M. Régnier is now in charge. Most team members are teaching in this master.

J.Bernauer was appointed Chargé d'enseignement in the Computer Science Department of École Polytechnique (Dix ) in 2013.

  • Master Bibs : J. Bernauer, Informatique théorique et Programmation Python, 20h, M2, Université Paris-Sud, France

  • Master Bibs : M. Régnier and J.-M. Steyaert, Combinatoire, Algorithmes, Séquences et Modélisation (Casm ), 32h, M2, Université Paris-Sud, France

  • Master : M. Régnier, Basic Algorithms in Computational Biology, 4h, M2, Mipt , Russia.

  • Cycle Ingénieur Polytechnicien: M. Régnier, Modal Bioinformatique, 8h, 2ème année, École Polytechnique, France


  • PhD

  • PhD in progress

    • Mélanie Boudard, Game theory and stochastic learning for predicting the three-dimensional structure of large RNA molecules, Univ. Paris XI, Encadrant(e|s): D. Barth (Univ. Versailles), J. Cohen (CNRS, LRI) and A. Denise.

    • Bryan Brancotte, Ranking biological and biomedical data: algorithms and applications, Université Paris Sud, 01/10/2012, Encadrants: S. Cohen-Boulakia and A. Denise.

    • Alice Heliou, Identification et caractérisation d'ARN circulaires dans des séquences NGS, Ecole Polytechnique, Encadrants: Mireille Régnier et H. Becker

    • Amélie Heliou, Game theory and conformation sampling for multi-scale and multi-body macromolecule docking , Ecole Polytechnique, Encadrantes: J. Bernauer and J. Cohen

    • Daria Iakovishina, A Combinatorial Approach to Assembly Algorithm, Inria, Encadrante: Mireille Régnier

    • Vincent Le Gallic, Design de structures secondaires avec contraintes de séquences : une approche globale fondée sur les langages formels, Univ. Paris Sud. Encadrants: A. Denise and Y. Ponty

    • Cécile Pereira, Nouvelles approches bioinformatiques pour l'étude à grande échelle de l'évolution des activités enzymatiques, Univ. Paris XI, Encadrants: Olivier Lespinet and Alain Denise

    • Adrien Rougny, Reasonings on biological knowledge to build and analyze signalling networks, Univ. Paris Sud. Encadrante: Ch. Froidevaux

    • Antoine Soulé, Evolutionary study of RNA-RNA interactions in yeast, Ecole Polytechnique, Encadrants: J.-M. Steyaert and J. Waldispuhl (University McGill, Canada).


  • Expertise

    • S. Cohen-Boulakia acted as an external expert in the ERC Consolidator Grant, panel ’Computer Science and Informatics’

    • Y. Ponty is a member of the `Comité National' (hiring/evaluation committee) of Cnrs in computer science (section 6) and bioinformatics (cid 51); he acted as an external expert for the Emergence program of Ville de Paris, and for the JCJC program of ANR.

    • M. Régnier was a member of PES/PEDR attribution juries for Inria and CNRS . She is a member of Digiteo progam Committee and SDV working group in Saclay area. She acted as an external expert for regional initiatives.

    • A. Denise was a member of the HCERES evaluation committee of Inra Miat Unit.

  • Hiring committees

    • Maitre de conferences, Paris Sud, 2014 Computer Science department: Sarah Cohen-Boulakia, Sabine Peres, Christine Froidevaux;

    • Professeur, Bordeaux, 2014, Computer Science department: Alain Denise;

    • CR2, Inria-Idf : M. Régnier;

    • CR2, Inria-Rennes : M. Régnier;

  • PhD juries

    • M. Folschette (Nantes U.) : M. Régnier;

    • N. Obeid (Toulouse U.): Ch. Froidevaux;

    • S. Videla (Rennes U.): Ch. Froidevaux;

    • R. Champeimont (Pierre et Marie Curie U.): A. Denise;

    • D. Symeonidou (Paris-Sud U.): A. Denise;

    • A. Jacquot (Paris-Nord U.): A. Denise;

  • HDR juries

    • Ch. Sinocquet (Nantes U.): Ch. Froidevaux

    • M. Smail (Nancy U.): Ch. Froidevaux

    • P. Amar (Paris-Sud U.) : A. Denise

    • A. Allauzen (Paris-Sud U.) : A. Denise

    • F. Tahi (Evry U.) : M. Régnier;

    • J. Bernauer (Paris-Sud U.) : Ch. Froidevaux, J.-M. Steyaert