Section: New Software and Platforms


Participants : Bryan Brancotte, Sarah Cohen-Boulakia [correspondant] .

High-throughput technologies provide fundamental informations concerning thousands of genes. Most of the current biological research laboratories daily use one or more of these technologies and identify lists of genes.

Understanding the results obtained includes accessing to the latest publications concerning individual or multiple genes. Faced to the exponential growth of publications avaliable, this task is becoming particularly difficult to achieve.

Here, we introduce a web-based Java application tool named GeneValorization which aims at making the most of the text-mining effort done downstream to all high throughput technology assays. Regular users come from the Curie Institute, but also the Ebi .

Impact : 925 distinct international users have used GeneValorization and about a hundred use it on a regular basis. The tool is on average used once to twice every day.

Availability : it is available at http://bioguide-project.net/gv with Inter Deposit Digital Number (depot APP, June 2013).