Section: Dissemination


  • 2014 : E. Audusse intervened in a secondary school (Pontault Combault) for “Maths en Jeans”.

  • 2014 : P. Ung presented his PhD topic in a high school (Lycée Duhamel Du Monceau, Pithiviers). This intervention was an initiative of “Centre-Science” (Orléans) in the context of a doctoral training.

  • 26–28/11/14 : M. Parisot and Y. Penel ran the stand of the French mathematics community (SFdF, SMAI, SMF) at the Onisep part of the European exhibition for Education.

  • 12/12/2014 : E. Audusse gave a talk at Bobigny for Mathematic Park entitled “Maths and Natural Hazards”.

    Alongside these events, the web platform TsunaMaths developed by E. Audusse, R. Hamouda and J. Sainte-Marie was presented at the exhibition on the occasion of “Mathematics of Planet Earth” (December 2012-December 2013) at the Deutsches Tecknikmuseum (Berlin). It was also a part of the Nims-Imaginary exhibition at Seoul (Aug. 13-20, 2014) on the occasion of ICM2014.