Section: New Results

Software development and assessments

Improvements in the FRESHKISS3D code

Participants : Marie-Odile Bristeau, David Froger, Raouf Hamouda, Jacques Sainte-Marie.

Several tasks have been achieved in the FRESHKISS3D software:

  • FreshKiss3D has been improved to take into account the second order in space for the 3D cases.

  • The solver now includes the second order in time.

  • The numerical validation using 3D numerical analytical solutions has been achieved.

  • Numerous simulations have been driven by industrial contracts:

    • Simulations of fluid hydrodynamics in lagoons for optimizing the geometric field to ensure a high level of agitation for a low energy consumption (SAUR)

    • Simulations of fluid hydrodynamics in lagoons showing the vertical distribution of velocity and how to use it for optimizing micro-algae production (Salinalgue)

  • Tsunamis simulations leading to the module TsunaMaths, web interface showing some historical tsunamis.

  • Geometric implementations of FRESHKISS3D have been improved.

  • Unit tests are being made automatically as the source code is modified.

  • A user interface has been created using Python.

  • The parallelization of FRESHKISS3D with MPI is under development.