Section: New Software and Platforms

Sensor Network Tools: drivers, OS and more

As outcomes of the Equipped FIT IoT-LAB, ANR SensLAB project and the Inria ADT SensTOOLS and SensAS, several softwares (from low level drivers to OSes) were delivered and made available to the research community. The main goal is to lower the cost of developing/deploying a large scale wireless sensor network application. All software are gathered under the IoT-LAB web site: https://www.iot-lab.info web page where one can find:

  • low C-level drivers to all hardware components;

  • ports of the main OS, mainly FreeRTOS, Contiki, TinyOS, Riot, Linux;

  • ports and development of higher level library like routing, localization.

IoT-LAB software is licensed under a CeCILL License. IoT-LAB users are welcome to contribute code, papers, tutorials or experiments reports.