Section: New Software and Platforms


CoLoR is a Coq library on rewriting theory and termination of more than 83,000 lines of code [2] . It provides definitions and theorems for:

  • Mathematical structures: relations, (ordered) semi-rings.

  • Data structures: lists, vectors, polynomials with multiple variables, finite multisets, matrices, finite graphs.

  • Term structures: strings, algebraic terms with symbols of fixed arity, algebraic terms with varyadic symbols, pure and simply typed λ-terms.

  • Transformation techniques: conversion from strings to algebraic terms, conversion from algebraic to varyadic terms, arguments filtering, rule elimination, dependency pairs, dependency graph decomposition, semantic labelling.

  • Termination criteria: polynomial interpretations, multiset ordering, lexicographic ordering, first and higher order recursive path ordering, matrix interpretations.

CoLoR is distributed under the CeCILL license. It is currently developed by Frédéric Blanqui and Kim-Quyen Ly, but various people participated to its development since 2006 (see the website for more information).