Section: New Software and Platforms


Rainbow is a set of tools for automatically verifying the correctness of termination certificates expressed in the CPF format used in the termination competition . It contains:

  • a tool xsd2coq for generating Coq data types for representing XML files valid wrt some XML Schema,

  • a tool xsd2ml for generating OCaml data types and functions for parsing XML files valid wrt some XML Schema,

  • a tool for translating a CPF file into a Coq script,

  • a standalone Coq certified tool for verifying the correctness of a CPF file.

Rainbow is distributed under the CeCILL license. It is developed in OCaml (10,000 lines) and Coq (19,000 lines). It is currently developed by Frédéric Blanqui and Kim-Quyen Ly. See the website for more information.