Section: Application Domains

Application Domains

Application domains include evaluating Internet performances, the design of new peer-to-peer applications, enabling large scale ad hoc networks and mapping the web.

  • The application of measuring and modeling Internet metrics such as latencies and bandwidth is to provide tools for optimizing Internet applications. This concerns especially large scale applications such as web site mirroring and peer-to-peer applications.

  • Peer-to-peer protocols are based on a all equal paradigm that allows to design highly reliable and scalable applications. Besides the file sharing application, peer-to-peer solutions could take over in web content dissemination resistant to high demand bursts or in mobility management. Envisioned peer-to-peer applications include video on demand, streaming, exchange of classified ads,...

  • Wifi networks have entered our every day life. However, enabling them at large scale is still a challenge. Algorithmic breakthrough in large ad hoc networks would allow to use them in fast and economic deployment of new radio communication systems.

  • The main application of the web graph structure consists in ranking pages. Enabling site level indexing and ranking is a possible application of such studies.