Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

  • Project Stabilité des systèmes à excitation persistante, Program MathIng, Labex LMH, 2013-2016. This project is about different stability properties for systems whose damping is intermittently activated. The coordinator is Mario Sigalotti. The other members are Yacine Chitour and Guilherme Mazanti.

  • Digitéo project 2012-061D SSyCoDyC. SSyCoDyC (2013–2014) is financed by Digitéo in the framework of the DIM Hybrid Systems and Sensing Systems. It focuses on the application of techniques of hybrid systems to the analysis of retarded equations with time-varying delays. SSyCoDyC has financed the post-doc fellowship of Ihab Haidar and was coordinated by Paolo Mason and Mario Sigalotti.

  • iCODE is the Institute for Control and Decision of the Idex Paris Saclay. It was launched in March 2014 for two years until June 2016. iCODE's aims are fostering research, spin-offs creation, training and diffusion of Control and Decision in Paris-Saclay. To those aims, iCODE has received a budget of 980Keuros, supported by investissements d'avenir. The scientific topics addressed by iCODE are organized in four research initiatives:

    • Control & Neuroscience

    • Large-scale systems & Smart grids

    • Behavioral Economics

    • White research initiative.

    iCODE is coordinated by Yacine Chitour (L2S-Univ. Paris Sud), associated member and collaborator of GECO. Mario Sigalotti is member of the Steering Committee.