Section: Dissemination

Institutional commitment

  • A. Couvreur is an elected member of Saclay's commité de centre.

  • A. Couvreur was a member of the commission for the recruitment of post-doc researchers in 2014 at LIX in the programm Qualcomm-Carnot.

  • A. Couvreur is the jeune chercheur référent for the commission de suivi doctoral of Inria Saclay.

  • D. Augot was a member of RTRA Digiteo program committee.

  • D. Augot is a member of LIX's conseil de direction.

  • D. Augot is a member of the conseil de l'école doctorale en informatique de Paris-Sud

  • D. Augot is the vice-head of Inria's comité de suivi doctoral

  • D. Augot is a member of LIX's conseil de laboratoire

  • D. Augot and B. Smith were reviewers for ANRT CIFRE fundings.

  • F. Morain, J. Pieltant and B. Smith are elected members of the Conseil de Laboratoire of the LIX.

  • F. Morain is vice-head of the Département d'informatique of Ecole Polytechnique.

  • F. Morain represents École polytechnique in the committee in charge of Mention HPC in the Master de l'université Paris Saclay.

  • B. Smith is a Correspondant for International Relations at Saclay.

  • B. Smith is a member of the COST-GTRI.

  • B. Smith is a member of the teaching committee of the Department of Computer Science of the École polytechnique.