Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry


Participants : Patrice Buche, Jérôme Fortin.

We collaborate since 2012 with the technical center of Comptois’ cheese (CTFC : Centre Technique des Fromages Comtois). The objective of this collaboration is to design and test a platform for expert knowledge management. This allows us to validate the integration of our theoretical tools into a real-world application and strengthen GraphIK’s involvement in agronomy applications. A master degree internship in collaboration with CTFC was done by Awa Diattara (University Gaston Berger of Saint-Louis, Sénégal) in 2012. Awa Diattara came back as engineer to complete her work for a six month period in 2013. In order to evaluate our approach on different agri-food chains, we have initiated a work with Panzani (6 months internship of Laureline Estival 2013-2014) and established fruitful contacts with other partners.

This collaboration will be strengthened in 2015 in a enlarged project involving different traditional food chains (CNAOL, Conseil National des Appelations d’Origine Laitière). The new project called « OcamEx : Outil de capitalisation et de mobilisation du savoir-faire et de l'expérience fromagers en filière valorisant leur terroir. » is presented as a collaboration with technical partners (Ceraq, CTFC (Centre Technique des Fromages Comtois), Pôle fromager AOP Massif Central, Institut de l’Elevage, Actalia, Typ-Tech), CNAOL (Conseil national des appellations d’origines laitières) scientific partners (INRA Aurillac, INRA URTAL Poligny, UMR IATE (équipe Ingénierie des connaissances), UMR LIRMM/Inria (équipe GraphiK), UMR HEUDIASYC (équipe Décision), Agrosup Dijon UR DPF, INRA UMR I2M Bordeaux, ENSC Bordeaux training partners : Enils from Aurillac, Mamirolle-Poligny and la Roche sur Foron Cheese partners : Comté (CIGC), Reblochon (SIR), Emmental (Savoicime), Cantal et Salers (CIF)

The aim of this collaboration is to develop a platform that will be used in traditional cheese processing for expert knowledge management.


Participants : Michel Leclère, Michel Chein, Madalina Croitoru, Léa Guizol.

Collaboration with ABES. Funding of half a PhD grant (Léa Guizol, 2011-2014). See Section  6.4 .


Participants : Patrice Buche, Jérôme Fortin, Laureline Estival, Bernard Cuq.

We have initiated a national collaboration with Panzani. The objective of this collaboration is to test and get new feedbacks about the platform for expert knowledge management. A master degree internship in collaboration with Panzani was done by an agronomy student, Laureline Estival (Agrosup Dijon), in 2013. This internship enabled us to validate the interest of our tool for Panzani by showing that our techniques could deal with several types of applications while being usable by non computer sciences experts.

Laureline Estival has continued her work, financed by Panzani, as an engineer to complete the knowledge base for a six month period in 2013-14.