Section: New Software and Platforms

Language-based Security

Participants : José Fragoso Santos, Tamara Rezk [correspondant] .

JavaScript Library iflowtypes.js

The JavaScript library iflowtypes.js is designed to type secure information flow in JavaScript. iflowtypes.js has two main modes of operation: fully static and hybrid. In the hybrid mode, the program to be typed is instrumented with runtime assertions that are verified at runtime. By deferring rejection to runtime, the hybrid type system is able to type more programs than fully static mechanisms. This library is available at the URL: http://j3fsantos.github.io/PersonalPage/TypeSystem/ .

JavaScript Library iflowsigs.js

The JavaScript library iflowsigs.js is designed to inline an information flow monitor into JavaScript code. iflowsigs.js supports is able to track information flow even in programs that interact with arbitrary Web APIs. This library is available at the URL: http://j3fsantos.github.io/PersonalPage/IFMonitor/ .