Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

ANR P2N Nanorobust

Participants : Le Cui, Eric Marchand.

no. UR1 11FA310-06D, duration: 48 months.

This project started in November 2011. It is composed of a consortium managed by Femto-ST in Besançon with LPN and Isir in Paris, Thalès and Lagadic group through the “Université de Rennes 1”. Nanorobust deals with the development of micro- and nano-manipulation within SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope). Our goal is to provide visual servoing techniques for positioning and manipulation tasks with a nanometer precision.

ANR Contint Visioland

Participants : Noël Mériaux, Patrick Rives, François Chaumette.

duration: 48 months.

This project started in November 2013. It is composed of a consortium managed by Onera in Toulouse with Airbus, Spikenet Technology, IRCCyN, and Lagadic. Its aim is to develop vision-based localization and navigation techniques for autonomous landing on a runway.

PEA Decsa

Participants : Aurélien Yol, Eric Marchand.

no Inria Rennes 6630, duration: 36 months.

This project started in November 2011. It is composed of a consortium managed by Astrium/Airbus with the Novadem, Sirehna, Spot Image and Magellium companies, and with the Inria Lagadic and Steep groups (Peter Sturm). It is devoted to the development of navigation and perception algorithms for small drones in urban environment.

Oseo Romeo 2

Participants : Nicolas Cazy, Suman Raj Bista, Fabien Spindler, Paolo Robuffo Giordano, François Chaumette.

no Inria Rennes 7114, duration: 48 months.

This project started in November 2012. It is composed of a large consortium managed by Aldebaran Robotics. It aims to develop advanced control and perception functionalities to a humanoid robot. It supports in part Suman Raj Bista's Ph.D. about visual navigation of a humanoid robot, as well as Nicolas Cazy's Ph.D. about model-based predictive control for visual servoing.

Equipex Robotex

Participants : Fabien Spindler, François Chaumette.

no Inria Rennes 6388, duration: 10 years.

Lagadic is one of the 15 French partners involved in the Equipex Robotex network. It is devoted to get significative equipments in the main robotics labs in France. In a near future, we plan to buy a humanoid robot, Romeo, by Aldebaran Robotics.

Inria large scale initiative action PAL

Participants : Panagiotis Papadakis, François Pasteau, Vishnu Karakkat Narayanan, Erwan Demairy, Marie Babel, Patrick Rives, François Chaumette.

Lagadic participates in the large-scale initiative action PAL (Personally Assisted Living) to develop technologies and services to improve the autonomy and quality of life for elderly and fragile persons. PAL started in September 2009 for 5 years. The purpose of PAL is to provide an experimental infrastructure, in order to facilitate the development of models, tools, technologies and concept demonstrations. Using the skills and objectives of the involved teams, four research themes have been defined: a) assessing the degree of frailty of the elderly, b) mobility of people, c) rehabilitation, transfer and assistance in walking, and d) social interaction. Lagadic is currently involved in the themes "mobility of people" and "assistance in walking" through collaborations with the EPI e-Motion (Grenoble), EPI Coprin (Sophia-Antipolis), and Handibio (Toulon). See Sections  6.2.1 6.2.2 and  6.1.4 , as well as [55] .