Section: New Software and Platforms


Participants : Dominique Chapelle, Sébastien Gilles [correspondant] , Sébastien Imperiale, Philippe Moireau.

FELISCE – standing for “Finite Elements for LIfe SCiences and Engineering” – is a new finite element code which the MACS and REO teams have decided to jointly develop in order to build up on their respective experiences concerning finite element simulations. One specific objective of this code is to provide in a unified software environment all the state-of-the-art tools needed to perform simulations of the complex cardiovascular models considered in the two teams – namely involving fluid and solid mechanics, electrophysiology, and the various associated coupling phenomena. FELISCE is written in C++, and may be later released as an opensource library. See https://gforge.inria.fr/projects/felisce/ .

In FELISCE we have prepared a branch called HappyHeart, which aims at providing a user-friendly interface able to deal efficiently with complex cardiovascular simulations. Started in 2013, the code is already quite large (about 55 000 lines of code in almost 700 different files) and its core is about to be complete in early 2015. It includes among others full HPC functionalities, high-order finite elements, physics coupling and topology capabilities. Our purpose will then be to use the library to implement the sophisticated cardiovascular models of the team and couple them with Verdandi (data assimilation library) to provide patient-specific simulations.

  • Software benefit: HappyHeart is a multiphysics HPC FEM Library with cardiac simulation concerns

  • Type of human computer interaction: Command line and configuration files.

  • OS/Middleware: MacOS, Linux.

  • Required library or software: OpenMpi (parallelism), Petsc (linear algebra), Seldon (linear algebra), Parmetis (partitioner), Mumps (solver), Ops (input parameter file management), STL and Yuni (generic C++ libraries).

  • Programming language: C++ 11/14.

  • Documentation: Doxygen and user's manual in English.