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International Research Visitors

Visits of International Scientists

Alexendre Laurin [Simon Fraser Univ., Canada] Sébastien Imperiale [correspondant] Philippe Moireau Dominique Chapelle

In the context of an ongoing collaboration between the Aerospace Physiology lab (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada) and Inria (M3DISIM and Reo teams), Alexandre Laurin (PhD student) has been awarded some funding for a 2 months internship in the M3DISIM team, with the objective of initiating the modelling of seismocardiography (SCG) measurements. SCG consists in measuring displacements of the sternum and ribs generated by a heart beat using accelerometers placed on the thorax. In this context, linear elastodynamics equations are applicable to account for the transient propagation of motion from the heart to the sternum via the highly heterogeneous underlying materials (cartilage and bone). Specific care has been taken to solve the aforementioned equation in a realistic 3D geometry including the complete thoracic cage. Fully coupled simulations (beating heart with thorax deformation) are planned at the final stage of this modelling work in 2015.