Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


Dominique Chapelle

  • Lectures on cardiac biomechanical modeling in Master's programs SIM (Univ. Créteil) and BME (Paris 5 and ParisTech)

Philippe Moireau

  • Bachelor's degree: “MA103 - Introduction aux EDP et à leur approximation numérique”, 14h, M1, ENSTA ParisTech, France

  • Master's: “MA201 - La méthode des éléments finis”, 14h classes , M2, ENSTA ParisTech, France

  • Master's: “Data assimilation module”, 6h lectures, Paris VI University, France

Sébastien Imperiale

  • Master's: “MA201 - La méthode des éléments finis”, 12h, M2, ENSTA ParisTech, France

  • Master's: “Simnum - Simulation numérique en C++”, 36h, M1, ENSTA ParisTech, France

Annabelle Collin

  • Oral examination:“Algebra and Geometry”, Paris 6 University, spring 2012

  • Bachelor's degre:“Multivariable Calculus”, Paris 6 University, fall 2012


  • PhD defended in October: Annabelle Collin, “Dimensional reduction and electro-mechanical coupling for the modeling of electrophysiology and muscle contraction”, UPMC, started September 2011, advisors D. Chapelle and J.-F. Gerbeau

  • PhD in progress: Bruno Burtshell, “Mechanical modeling and numerical methods for poromechanics: Applications to cardiac perfusion”, Ecole Polytechnique, started October 2013, advisors D. Chapelle and P. Moireau


  • Dominique Chapelle: member of PhD committees of J. Mullaert (Paris 6, 17 Dec.) and C. Dupont (Ecole Polytechnique, 18 Dec., chairman)

  • Philippe Moireau: member of PhD committee of A. Collin