Section: New Software and Platforms

Tools to visualize and analyze traces of execution of distributed applications

Participants : Jean-Marc Vincent [correspondent] , Arnaud Legrand.

The Pajé (http://paje.sourceforge.net/ ) generic tool provides interactive and scalable behavioral visualizations of parallel and distributed applications, helping to capture the dynamics of their executions; because of its genericity, it can be used unchanged in a large variety of contexts. Pajé Next Generation

Pajé Next Generation (https://github.com/schnorr/pajeng ) is a re-implementation (in C++) and direct heir of the well-known Paje visualization tool for the analysis of execution traces (in the Paje File Format) through trace visualization (space/time view). The tool is released under the GNU General Public License 3. PajeNG comprises the libpaje library, the space-time visualization tool in pajeng and a set of auxiliary tools to manage Paje trace files (such as pj_dump and pj_validate). It was started as part of the french INFRA-SONGS ANR project. Development has continued at INF/UFRGS. Viva

Viva (https://github.com/schnorr/viva ) is an open-source tool used to analyze traces (in the Paje File Format) registered during the execution of parallel or distributed applications. The tool also serves as a sandbox to the development of new visualization techniques. Current features include: Temporal integration using dynamic time-intervals Spatial aggregation through hierarchical traces Interactive Graph Visualization with a force-directed algorithm, with viva Squarified Treemap to compare processes behavior on scale, with vv_treemap

Framesoc (http://soctrace-inria.github.io/framesoc/ ) is the core software infrastructure of the SoC-Trace project. It provides a graphical user environment for execution-trace analysis, featuring interactive analysis views as Gantt charts or statistics views. It provides also a software library to store generic trace data, play with them, and build other analysis tools (e.g., Ocelotl). This software is developed in partnership with Nanosim. Ocelotl

Ocelotl (http://soctrace-inria.github.io/ocelotl/ ): Multidimensional Overviews for Huge Trace Analysis is an innovative visualization tool, which provides overviews for execution trace analysis by using a data aggregation technique. This technique enables to find anomalies in huge traces containing up to several billions of events, while keeping a fast computation time and providing a simple representation that does not overload the user.