Section: New Software and Platforms

Tools for cluster management and software development

Participant : Olivier Richard [correspondent] .

The KA-Tools (http://ka-tools.imag.fr/ ) is a software suite developed by MESCAL for exploitation of clusters and grids. It uses a parallelization technique based on spanning trees with a recursive starting of programs on nodes. Industrial collaborations were carried out with Mandrake, BULL, HP and Microsoft.


(http://kadeploy3.gforge.inria.fr/ ) is a fast and scalable deployment system for clusters and grids. It provides a set of tools for cloning, configuring (post installation) and managing a set of nodes. Currently it can successfully deploy Linux, *BSD, Windows and Solaris on x86 and 64 bits computers. Kameleon


(http://kameleon.imag.fr/ ) is a simple but powerful tool to generate customized appliances. With Kameleon, you make your recipe that describes how to create step by step your own distribution. At start Kameleon is used to create custom kvm, docker, VirtualBox, ..., but as it is designed to be very generic you can probably do a lot more than that.