Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry


is a startup from Inria Lorraine created in December 2007. Bruno Gaujal is a founding partner and a scientific collaborator of the startup. Its main target is to provide software tools for solving real time constraints in embedded systems, particularly for superposition of periodic flows. Such flows are typical in automotive and avionics industries who are the privileged potential users of the technologies developed by RealTimeAtWork.com

Alcatel Lucent-Bell

A common laboratory between Inria and the Alcatel Lucent-Bell Labs was created in early 2008 and consists on three research groups (ADR). MESCAL leads the ADR on self-optimizing networks (SELFNET). The researchers involved in this project are Bruno Gaujal and Panayotis Mertikopoulos.


Stimergy is a startup that aims at developing a distributed data center built by connecting mini data centers embedded in digital boilers installed in multi-unit residential buildings. Each boiler contains several servers and the dissipated power can thus be used to cover a large part of the annual energy requirements for preparing domestic hot water for a building. Such infrastructure drastically reduces the energy required to operate data centers, while reducing total cost of infrastructure and ownership. Mescal (Olivier Richard, and Michael Mercier, full-time Inria engineer) provides the necessary expertise for the realization and implementation of software infrastructure allowing the coordination of operating such mini data center.