Section: New Results

Experimental Platforms

Participants : Maxence Dunnewind, Nicolas Lebreton, Julien Lefeuvre, David Margery, Eric Poupart.

Energy measurement

Participants : Maxence Dunnewind, Nicolas Lebreton, David Margery, Eric Poupart.

In the context of the ECO2Clouds project, the BonFIRE infrastructure was updated. At the software layer, the complete monitoring stack was revisited so as to attribute power consumption values to all VMs running on the infrastructure and to expose this information to users. This was used by the project partners to confirm that using an eco-aware scheduler could significantly reduce eco-impact of running a distributed infrastructure.


Participants : Maxence Dunnewind, Julien Lefeuvre, David Margery, Eric Poupart.

The project was reviewed in December 2013 during CloudCom 2013 in Bristol and rated Excellent. It has been kept in working state through our commitment to the BonFIRE foundation. The main acheivment on this topic was to evolve the cloud reservation system so as to support tracking usage using allocation blocks, as a fragment of the physical machines. Instance types can therefore have a different footprint in number of allocation blocks depending on the hardware they are scheduled on.


Participants : Nicolas Lebreton, Julien Lefeuvre, David Margery.

In Fed4FIRE, two key technologies have been adopted as common protocols to enable experimenters to interact with testbeds: Slice Federation Architecture (SFA), to provision resources, and Control and Management Framework for Networking Testbeds (OMF) to control them. Here, we contributed to a proposal to secure usage of OMF and to a design to allow using BonFIRE through SFA. In 2014, the main area of work has been maintenance of the infrastructure and initial prototyping of an SFA API to BonFIRE.