NUMED - 2014

Section: New Software and Platforms


We are currently developing the SETIS software which is a GUI allowing to treat DICOM medical images to extract pathological data. These data can then be exported and used in a SAEM software (including Monolix (Inria & Lixoft)) for the parameters' estimation of models in the context of population approaches. As an example SETIS can be used to segment and compute the tumor size of a patients from MRI scans taken at different times. The software is sufficiently general to be used in various situations by clinicians (already done by our colleagues in Lyon Hospital). It will be freely distributed and is based on open source technology, so that it can easily be adapted to specific needs by other users.

SETIS is filed under APP number IDDN.FR.001.150013.000.S.A.2014.000.21000.