Section: New Results

Highlights of the Year

The year has allowed reaching important results in four research areas of the group: query-based why-not provenance with explanations , minimal query reformulations under constraints [15] , Linked Open Data analytics , and RDF data management in the cloud .

Best Papers Awards :

[7] Query-Based Why-Not Provenance with NedExplain in Extending Database Technology (EDBT).

N. Bidoit, M. Herschel, K. Tzompanaki.

[11] RDF Analytics: Lenses over Semantic Graphs in 23rd International World Wide Web Conference.

D. Colazzo, F. Goasdoué, I. Manolescu, A. Roatis.

[4] , [24] RDF in the Clouds: A Survey in The International Journal on Very Large Databases.

Z. Kaoudi, I. Manolescu.