Section: New Software and Platforms

FASST: a Flexible Audio Source Separation Toolbox

Participants : Nancy Bertin, Frédéric Bimbot.

Emmanuel Vincent [contact person]

FASST is a Flexible Audio Source Separation Toolbox, designed to speed up the conception and automate the implementation of new model-based audio source separation algorithms.

FASST development was jointly achieved by the PAROLE team in Nancy and the TEXMEX team in Rennes through an Inria funded ADT (Action de Développement Technologique). PANAMA contributed to the development by coordinating and performing user tests, and to the dissemination in a Show-and-Tell ICASSP poster [58] .

While the first implementation was in Matlab, the new implementation is in C++ (for core functions), with Matlab and Python user scripts. Version 2, including speedup and new features was released in 2014 and can be downloaded from http://bass-db.gforge.inria.fr/fasst/ .