Section: New Software and Platforms

ClaireCourseMaker Library

Participants : Nicolas Hairon, Cécile Roisin, Nabil Layaïda.

The goal of the ClaireCourseMaker is to provide direct and visual editing tools for structuring, annotating and timeline-based authoring of continuous content such as audio or video. I it is mainly devoted to the synchronisation and layout of pedagogical material (video, slides, chaptering, etc.) and enables the incorporation of rich media content in MOOCs. The underlying technology is based on Web standards and relies on the open source JavaScript Popcorn library and Popcorn Maker web application developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The tool is a wysiwyg web-based authoring tool which benefits from the generic features of Popcorn and offers structuring methods such chaptering and container-based synchronisation.

ClaireCourseMaker is the direct follow-up tool of the Timesheet library developed in the project. Timesheet library is a cross-browser JavaScript implementation for scheduling the dynamic behaviour of HTML5 content. It uses and provides a reference implementation for declarative synchronisation markup such as SMIL Timing and Synchronization and SMIL Timesheets .

ClaireCourseMaker is developed in collaboration with the OpenClassrooms company i n the context of the Claire project (see section  8.1.1 ).