Section: New Software and Platforms

TAPASCologne vehicular mobility dataset

Participants:Marco Fiore (contact), Diala Naboulsi, Razvan Stanica.

Based on the data made available by the Institute of Transportation Systems at the German Aerospace Center (ITS-DLR), the dataset aims at reproducing, with a high level of realism, car traffic in the greater urban area of the city of Cologne, Germany. To that end, different state-of-art data sources and simulation tools are brought together, so to cover all of the specific aspects required for a proper characterization of vehicular traffic:

  • The street layout of the Cologne urban area is obtained from the OpenStreetMap (OSM) database;

  • The microscopic mobility of vehicles is simulated with the Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO) software;

  • The traffic demand information on the macroscopic traffic flows across the Cologne urban area (i.e., the O/D matrix) is derived through the Travel and Activity PAtterns Simulation (TAPAS) methodology;

  • The traffic assignment of the vehicular flows described by the TAPASCologne O/D matrix over the road topology is performed by means of Gawron’s dynamic user assignment algorithm.

The resulting synthetic trace of the car traffic in a the city of Cologne covers a region of 400 square kilometers for a period of 24 hours, comprising more than 700.000 individual car trips. More information is available on the project website at http://kolntrace.project.citi-lab.fr/ .