Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Administrative responsibilities

  • Fabrice Valois was elected (02/2014) and nominated (09/2014) as director of the CITI research laboratory of INSA Lyon.

  • Hervé Rivano is responsible with the Economic and Strategic Intelligence affairs of the CITI research laboratory, in charge with setting up ZRRs withing the lab.

  • Hervé Rivano and Razvan Stanica are members in the CITI laboratory council.

Scientific events organization

Session chair
  • Marco Fiore was a panelist at the Complex Network Science: the next big thing Panel at IEEE NetSciCom, May 2014.

  • Marco Fiore was Session chair for two sessions at IEEE SECON 2014.

  • Hervé Rivano was an invited panelist at the Labex IMU Workshop.

  • Razvan Stanica was Session chair for the "Sensing, Vising and Perception VII" session at IEEE ITSC 2014.

Scientific events selection

Member of the conference program committee
  • The Urbanet team members are/were members of the technical program committee for a number of international conferences, including IEEE SECON 2014, IEEE WoWMoM 2014/2015, IEEE Globecom 2014, IEEE ICC 2014/2015, IEEE VTC-Spring 2014, IEEE WCNC 2014, IEEE VNC 2014, WD 2014, ICCVE 2014, IEEE AINA 2014, IWCMC 2014.


Member of the editorial board
  • Marco Fiore is member of the Technical Committee of Elsevier Computer Communications.

  • The Urbanet team members are/were reviewers for a number of international journals, including IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, IEEE Wireless Communication Letters, Ad Hoc Networks Journal, Vehicular Communications Journal, Transportation Research Part C.