Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Software Quality, Metrics, Open-source Scientific description: OSSMETER meets the challenge of software project quality assessment via fact-based business intelligence. The goal of the project was to design and evaluate a platform for incremental analysis of long lasting open-source projects to support decision making on the corporate level. Functional description: OSSMETER is a platform which integrates metrics of open-source projects: their source code quality, the contents of their social interactions and their activity in issue tracking systems. It includes a fully programmable user-defined quality model utility and configurable dash-board user-interface. The basic metrics of the platform and their aggregation to the project level are carefully considered and rationalised.

  • Participants: Paul Klint, Jurgen Vinju, Tijs Van Der Storm, Ashim Shahi, Bas Basten.

  • Contact: Jurgen Vinju

  • URL: http://www.ossmeter.org/