Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

The Labex Persyval-lab is a large regional initiative, supported by ANR, where we are contributing through two projects:

Equipe-action HPES

This project (2013-17) groups members from Inria, LIG, Gipsa-lab, TIMA and Gipsa-lab, around the topic of High-Performance Computing benefitting from technologies originally developed for Embedded Systems. Ctrl-A is directly involved in the co-advising of the PhD of Naweiluo Zhou, with J.F. Méhaut (LIG), on the topic of autonomic management of software transactional memory mechanisms: https://persyval-lab.org/en/sites/hpes

Projet Exploratoire CASE

This project (2015-16) grouped members from Inria, LIG, Gipsa-lab and CEA LETI/DACLE and concerned the general topic of Control techniques for Autonomic Smart Environments, with a special emphasis on relating discrete and stochastic control models with middleware platforms applied to smart environments. It enables us to hire two Masters students for 2016.