Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific events selection

Chair of conference program committees

Gilles Dowek was PC chair of TLCA-RTA.

Member of the conference program committees

Gilles Dowek was PC member of CADE, ICTAC and eMoocs.

Guillaume Burel was PC member of PxTP'15 and IWIL'15.


Frédéric Blanqui has reviewed papers for TYPES'14 post-proceedings and LICS'15.

Guillaume Burel has reviewed a paper for Tableaux'15.

Olivier Hermant has reviewed papers for Tableaux'15 and CADE-25, a project for ANR (second phase) and pre-projects for ANR (first phase).


Member of the editorial boards

Gilles Dowek is an editor of TCS.

Reviewer - Reviewing activities

Frédéric Blanqui reviewed a paper for TCS.

Guillaume Burek reviewed a paper for Formal Aspects of Computing.

Olivier Hermant reviewed a paper for TCS.

Invited talks

Gilles Dowek was invited to DCM and Tools for teaching logic.

Scientific expertise

Gilles Dowek has been a consultant for the Conseil Scientifique des Programmes.

Gilles Dowek is the President of the Scientific board of the Société Informatique de France.

Gilles Dowek is a member of the Commission de réflexion sur l'éthique de la recherche en sciences et technologies du numérique d'Allistène (CERNA).