Section: New Results

AD-adjoints of large real codes

Participants : Laurent Hascoët, Valérie Pascual, Raphaël Couronné, Fabrice Zaoui [EDF R&D, LNHE] .

In collaboration with EDF, Valérie Pascual is applying Tapenade to the hydrographic code “Mascaret". Both tangent and adjoint diferentiated codes have been built and validated. Application of the tangent differentiated Mascaret for data assimilation on two real cases is described in a joint publication [14] .

During his summer internship, Raphaël Couronné has applied Tapenade to the MIT “GCM", a reference code in the Earth Sciences community. We have obtained a valid adjoint for a recommended configuration of this very large Fortran code. This test showed some maturity of the Tapenade tool for Fortran, as it turned out that no modification nor debug of the tool was needed. We are now discussing with the MIT team to schedule further collaboration.

In cooperation with the partners of the FP7 project UMRIDA, the team has assisted Alenia-Aermacchi (Filomena Cariglino and Nicola Ceresola) in the efficient differentiation of their Euler/Navier Stokes code “UNS3D" in tangent mode, dealing in particular with its use of MPI.

The team has assisted Marcin Wyrozebski from Warsaw University of Technology, to apply Tapenade to a CFD software from WUT.