Section: Application Domains

Environmental microbiology

Chemostat-like models (see Section 3.1.1 ) are also quite popular in theoretical marine ecology or in soil bio-chemistry, because micro-organisms play again a crucial role in the bio-geo-chemical cycles on Earth. Questioning are here a bit different than the ones depicted in Section 4.1 , because it is much more oriented towards comprehension and prediction than decision making (at the present time). Grasping the role of the microbial biodiversity appears to be an everlasting and common important question among scientists of various domains.

Nevertheless, mathematical models are quite similar but with some specificity (much more resources are available in marine microbiology; the spatial heterogeneity play a crucial role in underground processes).

A recent trend of considering natural microbial ecosystems on Earth to be able to delivering new 'eco-systemic services' has emerged, especially in terms of bio-remediation. Modeling and simulating tools are much relevant as in site experiments are quite costly and time-consuming.