Section: New Results

Decentralized and Adaptive workflows

Participants : Jean-Louis Pazat, Javier Rojas Balderrama, Matthieu Simonin, Cédric Tedeschi, Palakiyem Wallah.

Adaptive Workflows with Chemical Computing

Participants : Javier Rojas Balderrama, Matthieu Simonin, Cédric Tedeschi.

We have designed a high-level programming model based on the HOCL rule-based language to express workflow adaptation. It was specifically designed to support changes in the workflow logic at run time. This mechanism was implemented within the GinFlow software and experimented over the Grid'5000 platform. An article was just accepted for publication at the IPDPS 2016 conference.

Best-effort decentralized workflow execution

Participants : Jean-Louis Pazat, Cédric Tedeschi, Palakiyem Wallah.

We are currently proposing a simple workflow model for workflow execution in platforms with limited computing resources and services. The key idea is to devise a best-effort workflow engine that does not require a strong centralized orchestrator. Such a workflow engine relies on point-to-point cooperation between nodes supporting the execution. A minimalistic demonstrator of these concepts has been devised and implemented. Early experiments have been conducted on a single machine.