Section: New Software and Platforms

DiaSwarm : Orchestrating masses of objects

Participants : Charles Consel [correspondent] , Milan Kabac, Eugène Volanschi.

DiaSwarm provides a design language dedicated to the domain of orchestrating masses of objects. The language provides high-level, declarative constructs that allow a developer to deal with masses of objects at design time, prior to programming the application. The DiaSwarm compiler generates programming frameworks, which provide high-level support to the developer, while ensuring that programming is driven by design.

DiaSwarm consists of two main components.

  • DiaSwarm Studio. It is available as an Eclipse plugin. The tool provides of a domain-specific language and a compiler dedicated to the domain of orchestrating masses of sensors.

  • Runtime environment. This is a library allowing you to execute DiaSwarm applications locally. The runtime environment comprises the Apache Hadoop framework v. 1.2.1 allowing you to run MapReduce jobs locally without the need to install the framework separately.

More details can be found on a dedicated web page http://phoenix.inria.fr/software/diaswarm . In particular, an example application is provided: it is dedicated to the management of parking lots in a city. It uses presence sensors to monitor the availability of parking spaces through magnetic field variations. The application defines a few context components, which transform sensed data to determine the availability of parking lots and average occupancy of parking lots in 24 hr. Furthermore, the application suggests parking lots to drivers entering the city. Please note that the availability of parking places is computed every 30 seconds. The average occupancy of parking lots is computed every 2 minutes.