Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

Objects' World: design-driven development of large-scale smart spaces

There are an abundance of research and industry initiatives that have been undertaken with the aim of promoting the emergence of Internet of Things. In line with this goal, the Object’s World project brings together stakeholders from different domains to build and support the emergence of an IoT sector in France and beyond. The project is lead by SIGFOX, the world's first cellular network operator dedicated to low-bandwidth wireless objects. The cooperation between industry and research partners (e.g., sensor manufacturers, computer science and electrical engineering research labs) is of uttermost importance in overcoming technological barriers. This issue is currently hindering the development of an IoT sector. The main objectives of this project are the development of

  • expertise in the low-bandwidth network sector,

  • low-cost transmitter/receiver chips,

  • low-energy autonomous sensors, and

  • software frameworks which cover the entire lifecycle of IoT applications.

Network infrastructures that support huge numbers of objects open up a range of opportunities for innovative services. Critically, these new opportunities rely on the ability to address the software engineering challenges of this new sector. We promote an approach that revolves around software frameworks. In areas such as mobile and web development, this approach has already been shown to facilitate software development by abstracting over implementation details and guiding the programmer.

Our objective is to propose concepts and tools for developing reliable applications orchestrating large-scale smart spaces of networked entities. The industrial partners of the Objects' World project will provide us with real-size case studies in various application domains (e.g., smart cities, tracking of vehicles, healthcare, energy management).

This work is funded by the OSEO national agency.

School Inclusion for Children with Autism

The objective of this project is to provide children with assistive technologies dedicated to the school routines. This project is in collaboration with the “Handicap et Système Nerveux” research group (EA 4136, Bordeaux University), the PsyCLÉ research center (EA 3273, Provence Aix-Marseille University) and the “Parole et Langage” research laboratory (CNRS, Provence Aix-Marseille University).

This work is funded by the French Ministry of National Education and Orange Foundation.