Section: Research Program

Wave propagation in non classical media

Extraordinary phenomena regarding the propagation of electromagnetic or acoustic waves appear in materials which have non classical properties: materials with a complex periodic microstructure that behave as materials with negative physical parameters, metals with a negative dielectric permittivity at optical frequencies, magnetized plasmas endowed with a strongly anisotropic and sign-indefinite permittivity tensor. These non classical materials raise original questions from theoretical and numerical points of view.

The objective is to study the well-posedness in this unusual context where physical parameters are sign-changing. New functional frameworks must be introduced, due, for instance, to hypersingularities of the electromagnetic field which appear at corners of metamaterials. This has of course numerical counterparts. In particular, classical Perfectly Matched Layers are unstable in these dispersive media, and new approaches must be developed.

Two ANR projects (METAMATH and CHROME) are related to this activity.