Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Inria Associate Teams not involved in an Inria International Labs


An Associate Team between RAP and McGill university provides funding for a project on the theoretical and applied aspects of connectivity in random networks. The co-funding at McGill financed by the via the CARP FQRNT team grant of L. Addario-Berry, L. Devroye and B. Reed (2013-2015)

The bilateral project PHD Procope funded by Campus France (formerly Egide) obtained in 2014 jointly between the LIX at Ecole Polytechnique (PI Marie Albenque) and the Mathematics institute of Frankfurt's university is still running for 2015. The team RAP is associated to the LIX for this contract.

  • Title: Connectivity and distances in models of random networks and applications

  • International Partner (Institution - Laboratory - Researcher):

  • Start year: 2013

  • See also: http://algo.inria.fr/broutin/aap-rna.html

  • The projet will shed some new light on two complementary aspects of connectivity and the structure of distances in models of random networks. - We will first explore the nature and universality of phase transition and critical phenomena in random graphs, and more generally for high-dimensional percolation systems. Phase transitions are crucial in statistical physics, but also in the theory of computing where one observes that constraints satisfaction problem exhibit such a sudden change whose understanding is believed to yield important information about hardness of computation. - We will also investigate the connectivity of geometric models of random graphs which are at the core of modelling of wireless networks. In particular we will focus on some global aspects such as the quantification of connectivity, sparsity, and the behavior of diffusion algorithms. We will also design of distributed algorithms to initiate the network which guarantee efficiency and scalability.