Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


  • Partner: IETR

  • Starting: July 2013; ending: July 2016

Pervasive_RFID is a joint effort (within the CominLabs initiative, see http://www.cominlabs.ueb.eu/ ) started in July 2013 with IETR (institut d'électronique et de télécommunications de Rennes) to study and design innovative RFID reading protocols in the context of pervasive computing applications. Some limitations of existing RFID technology become challenging: unlike standard RFID application scenarios, pervasive computing often involves uncontrolled environment for RFID, where tags and reader have to operate in much more difficult situations that those usually encountered or expected for classical RFID systems.

GLIE - Guidage Lumineux par l'Intelligence de l'Environnement

  • Partner: OyaLight

  • Starting: December 2014; ending: April 2016

GLIE is a collaborative projet with OYALIGT and TACOMA group. The objective of the project is to design and demonstrate a new service combining connected LEDs provided by OYALIGHT and a software tool developed by TACOMA. By integrating and analyzing data transmitted by the sensors integrated into LEDs, the service must be able to detect a given context and to react accordingly.