Section: Dissemination



Organized as part of the "Architecture de la Transformation” call for proposals, the Hack'Archi was an open workshop held in Paris-Belleville school of architecture (ENSA) on 4 and 5 December 2015. About 90 students in disciplines as diverse as architecture, sociology, urbanism and engineering gathered for this 24-hours "architectural hackathon'". Students were organized in small teams of 5 or 6 members to work on enriching the preselected projects, proposed by the social landlords.

During the Hack'Archi, Michele Dominici was the representative of the project led by NEOTOA (a french social landlord) and helped 6 students in architecture, sociology, urbanism and engineering proposing new ideas about the on-demand room. We had in charge the leadership and coordination of the students. Our team was awarded the first prize of the Hack'Archi (Hack'Archi : retour sur 24h d'innovations - Lab CDC. Date accessed: 16 December 2015. http://labcdc.caissedesdepots.fr/hackarchi-etudiants-et-professionnels-autour-dun-meme-defi/ ).