Section: Dissemination


  • March E. Audusse intervened in a middle school on the occasion of the French week of Maths. J. Salomon went to a high school at Limay.

  • May N. Aïssiouene, E. Audusse, E. Godlewski (organiser), Y. Penel and F. Wahl ran a stand on the occasion of the “salon de la culture et des jeux mathématiques”.

  • July M. Parisot gave a vulgarisation talk at Inria (“demi-heure de la science”).

  • October E. Audusse intervened in a high school on the occasion of Savantes Banlieues.

  • November E. Nayir, Y. Penel and F. Wahl ran a stand during the ONISEP exhibition.

  • December E. Godlewski managed a group of middle school students at the Jacques-Louis Lions lab.

  • December F. Wahl helped the organisation at the “Math. Employment” show.

A. Sergeant-Boy, A. Mangeney, E. Stutzmann, J.-P. Montagner, F. Walter, L. Moretti, and O. Castelnau wrote an article entitled “La sismologie pour ausculter les pertes des glaciers des calottes polaires, lors du vêlage d'icebergs” in the CNRS–INSU newspaper (Apr.).

A. Mangeney is coaching high-school students from disadvantaged areas to manage scientific projects.