Section: New Results

Software developments and assessments

Improvements in the FRESHKISS3D code

Participants : Marie-Odile Bristeau, David Froger, Jacques Sainte-Marie, Fabien Souillé.

Several tasks have been achieved in the FRESHKISS3D software:

  • Cython branch finalization (integration of second order in time and space numerical schemes)

  • Project exportation on Gitlab.inria collaborative development platform

  • New development tools set-up (Gitlab-ci, Git-lfs)

  • Definition of new development rules and practices with gitlab

    • Use of the issue board

    • Review system and merge request rework

  • Chlorides propagation in Vilaine river (Saur project)

    • Case definition in freshkiss3d

    • TracerSource class definition for floodgate modeling

    • VerticalDebit class definition for special boundary condition (siphon)

    • Simplified scenarios set-up (1day, 2days simulated)

    • First simulations and post processing

  • New examples structure with introduction of two new cases to illustrate VerticalDebit and TracerSource class

  • Various documentation updates