Section: New Software and Platforms


The AstréeA Static Analyzer of Asynchronous Software

Scientific Description

AstréeA analyzes C programs composed of a fixed set of threads that communicate through a shared memory and synchronization primitives (mutexes, FIFOs, blackboards, etc.), but without recursion nor dynamic creation of memory, threads nor synchronization objects. AstréeA assumes a real-time scheduler, where thread scheduling strictly obeys the fixed priority of threads. Our model follows the ARINC 653 OS specification used in embedded industrial aeronautic software. Additionally, AstréeA employs a weakly-consistent memory semantics to model memory accesses not protected by a mutex, in order to take into account soundly hardware and compiler-level program transformations (such as optimizations). AstréeA checks for the same run-time errors as Astrée , with the addition of data-races.

Functional Description

AstréeA is a static analyzer prototype for parallel software based on abstract interpretation. The AstréeA prototype is a fork of the Astrée static analyzer that adds support for analyzing parallel embedded C software.

  • Participants: Patrick Cousot, Radhia Cousot, Jérôme Feret, Antoine Miné and Xavier Rival est toujours membre de Inria. logiciels Inria): https://bil.inria.fr/

  • Contact: Patrick Cousot

  • URL: http://www.astreea.ens.fr/