Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Mesh - Anisotropic - Mesh adaptation

  • Participants: Cécile Dobrzynski, Pascal Frey, Charles Dapogny and Algiane Froehly

  • Partners: CNRS - IPB - Université de Bordeaux - UPMC

  • Contact: Cécile Dobrzynski

  • URL: http://www.mmgtools.org

Scientific Description

Mmg3d is an open source software for tetrahedral remeshing. It performs local mesh modifications. The mesh is iteratively modified until the user prescriptions satisfaction.

Mmg3d can be used by command line or using the library version (C, C++ and Fortran API) : - It is a new version af the MMG3D4 software. It remesh both the volume and surface mesh of a tetrahedral mesh. It performs isotropic and anisotropic mesh adaptation and isovalue discretization of a level-set function.

Mmg3d allows to control the boundaries approximation: The "ideal" geometry is reconstruct from the piecewise linear mesh using cubic Bezier triangular partches. The surface mesh is modified to respect a maximal Hausdorff distance between the ideal geometry and the mesh.

Inside the volume, the software perform local mesh modifications ( such as edge swap, pattern split, isotropic and anisotropic Delaunay insertion...).

Functional Description

Mmg3d is one of the software of the Mmg platform. Is is dedicated to the modification of 3D volume meshes. It perform the adaptation and the optimization of a tetrahedral mesh and allow to discretize an isovalue.

Mmg3d perform local mesh modifications. The mesh is iteratively modified until the user prescription satisfaction.