Section: New Software and Platforms


Finite Element Equilibrium Solver in MATLAB

Functional Description

FEEQS.M (Finite Element Equilibrium Solver in Matlab) is a MATLAB implementation of the numerical methods in [Heumann2015] to solve equilibrium problems for toroidal plasmas. Direct and inverse problems for both the static and transient formulations of plasma equilibrium can be solved. FEEQS.M exploits MATLAB‘s evolved sparse matrix methods and uses heavily the vectorization programming paradigm, which results in running times comparable to C/C++ implementations. FEEQS.M complements the production code CEDRES++ in being considered as fast prototyping test bed for computational methods for equilibrium problems. This includes aspects of numerics such as improved robustness of the Newton iterations or optimization algorithms for inverse problems (see [4]). The recent developments include:

  • the comparison of FEM-BEM coupling (with B. Faugeras),

  • overlapping mesh methods for free-boundary equilibrium,

  • direct and inverse modes for simulations and optimal control approach to breakdown (with Eric Nardon, CEA Cadarache)