Section: Research Program

Plasma Physics

Participants : Jacques Blum, Cédric Boulbe, Blaise Faugeras, Hervé Guillard, Holger Heumann, Sebastian Minjeaud, Boniface Nkonga, Richard Pasquetti, Afeintou Sangam.

The main reseach topics are:

  1. Modelling and analysis

    • Fluid closure in plasma

    • Turbulence

    • Plasma anisotropy type instabilities

    • Free boundary equilibrium (FBE)

    • Coupling FBE – Transport

  2. Numerical methods and simulations

    • High order methods

    • Curvilinear coordinate systems

    • Equilibrium simulation

    • Pressure correction scheme

    • Anisotropy

    • Solving methods and parallelism

  3. Identification and control

    • Inverse problem: Equilibrium reconstruction

    • Open loop control

  4. Applications

    • MHD instabilities : Edge-Localized Modes (ELMs)

    • Edge plasma turbulence

    • Optimization of scenarii