Section: New Software and Platforms


Full Braginskii

Functional Description

The Full Braginskii solver considers the equations proposed by Braginskii (1965), in order to describe the plasma turbulent transport in the edge part of tokamaks. These equations rely on a two fluid (ion - electron) description of the plasma and on the electroneutrality and electrostatic assumptions. One has then a set of 10 coupled non-linear and strongly anisotropic PDEs. FBGKI makes use in space of high order methods: Fourier in the toroidal periodic direction and spectral elements in the poloidal plane. The integration in time is based on a Strang splitting and Runge-Kutta schemes, with implicit treatment of the Lorentz terms (DIRK scheme). The spectral vanishing viscosity (SVV) technique is implemented for stabilization. Static condensation is used to reduce the computational cost. In its sequential version, a matrix free solver is used to compute the potential. The parallel version of the code is under development.

  • Contact: Sebastian Minjeaud