Section: New Results

Equilibrium reconstruction

Participants : Blaise Faugeras, Jacques Blum, Cédric Boulbe, Holger Heumann.

Within the framework of the European Integrated Tokamak Modelling WPCD project we have been involved in a benchmark study between the equilibrium reconstruction codes EQUINOX, EQUAL and CLISTE on AUG (Asdex Upgrade) equilibriums. This work has been presented at the 2016 EPS conference.

The benchmark study leads us to include new functionalities to EQUINOX such as the possibility to use a radially variable regularization and the computation of error bars on the reconstructed profiles.

In order to be used on the WEST tokamak, EQUINOX has been adapted to the ITER standard "IMAS" using IDS as data type.

A numerical method for equilibrium reconstruction using magnetic measurements as well as polarimetry measurements with their Stokes vector representation has been developped in order to take into account the so-called Cotton-Mouton effect. The algorithm is based on optimal control of a coupled partial and ordinary differential equations system. The method is being tested on an ITER test case.