Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


ANR Blanc STINT, 2014-2017

Participants : Pierre Aboulker, Jean-Claude Bermond, David Coudert, Frédéric Havet, Luc Hogie, William Lochet, Nicolas Nisse, Stéphane Pérennes, Michel Syska.

The STINT project (STructures INTerdites) is led by the MC2 group (LIP, ENS-Lyon) and involves the G-SCOP laboratory (Grenoble).

The aim of STINT is to answer the following fundamental question: given a (possibly infinite) family ψ of graphs, what properties does a ψ-free graph have? To this end, it will firstly establish bounds on some classical graph parameters (e.g., clique number, stability number, chromatic number) for ψ-free graphs. Then, it will design efficient algorithms to recognize ψ-free graphs and to determine or approximate some parameters for those graphs. These studies shall result in the development of new proof techniques.



PEPS MoMis SYSTEMIC, 2015 (extended in 2016)

Participant : Frédéric Giroire.

The SYSTEMIC project was led by COATI and involves the LAMA (Paris Est), GREDEG (Sophia Antipolis) and CREM (Rennes) laboratories.

The aim of SYSTEMIC was to bring together the expertises of researchers in economics, graph theory and financial mathematics to propose new models to evaluate the systemic risk of networks of financial institutions, and to propose new methods to mitigate the risk of contagions in such networks. The novelty of the project was in particular to consider strategies for a dynamic control of heterogeneous networks.

GDR Actions

Action ResCom, ongoing (since 2006)

Réseaux de communications, working group of GDR RSD, CNRS.


Action Graphes, ongoing (since 2006)

Action Graphes, working group of GDR IM, CNRS.