Section: New Software and Platforms

Heptagon BZR

Functional Description

Heptagon is an experimental language for the implementation of embedded real-time reactive systems. It is developed inside the Synchronics large-scale initiative, in collaboration with Inria Rhones-Alpes. It is essentially a subset of Lucid Synchrone, without type inference, type polymorphism and higher-order. It is thus a Lustre-like language extended with hierchical automata in a form very close to SCADE 6. The intention for making this new language and compiler is to develop new aggressive optimization techniques for sequential C code and compilation methods for generating parallel code for different platforms. This explains much of the simplifications we have made in order to ease the development of compilation techniques.

Heptagon BZR is an extension of Heptagon, equipped with a behavioral contract mechanisms, where assumptions can be described, as well as an "enforce" property part. Its main feature is to include discrete controller synthesis within its compilation. The semantics of contracts is that the property should be enforced by controlling the behaviour of the node equipped with the contract. This property will be enforced by an automatically built controller, which will act on free controllable variables given by the programmer.

  • Participants: Adrien Guatto, Marc Pouzet, Cédric Pasteur, Léonard Gerard, Brice Gelineau, Gwenael Delaval and Eric Rutten

  • Contact: Gwenaël Delaval

  • http://bzr.inria.fr