Section: Dissemination


  • Olivier Goury and Christian Duriez participated in "Fête de la science: Opération Chercheurs itinérants", which involves giving scientific lectures in middle and high schools.

  • Christian Duriez and Mario Sanz Lopez participated in the "Bourse aux Technologies" at Bercy, Paris (22 March).

  • Popularization session 13:45 on the topic of Arduino by Mario Sanz Lopez.

  • Popularization session 13:45 on the topic of Software development good practices by Bruno Carrez.

  • Damien Marchal participated in "Chti'Code". Chti'Code is an action of the University of Lille 1, which aims to promoting computer education in primary schools. Damien Marchal intervened with computer science student in 4 CM2 classes for a total of 20h.

  • Jeremie Dequidt was jury member of the second robotic competition SI / @ Baggio.