Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

  • Université de Montréal (Canada)

  • McGill University (Canada)

  • University of Alabama (USA)

  • TU Wien (Austria)

  • Michigan State University (USA)

  • Aachen University (Germany)

Participation in Other International Programs

The GEMOC studio has been sustained through the creation of a Research Consortium at the Eclipse Foundation.

International initiative GEMOC

The GEMOC initiative (cf. http://www.gemoc.org) is an open and international initiative launched in 2013 that coordinate research partners worldwide to develop breakthrough software language engineering (SLE) approaches that support global software engineering through the use of multiple domain-specific languages. GEMOC members aim to provide effective SLE solutions to problems associated with the design and implementation of collaborative, interoperable and composable modeling languages.

The GEMOC initiative aims to provide a framework that facilitates collaborative work on the challenges of using of multiple domain-specific languages in software development projects. The framework consists of mechanisms for coordinating the work of members, and for disseminating research results and other related information on GEMOC activities. The framework also provides the required infrastructure for sharing artifacts produced by members, including publications, case studies, and tools.

The governance of the GEMOC initiative is ensured by the Advisory Board. The role of the Advisory Board is to coordinate the GEMOC work and to ensure proper dissemination of work products and information about GEMOC events (e.g., meetings, workshops).

Benoit Combemale is the co-founder and currently acts as principal coordinator of the GEMOC initiative. Benoit Combemale and Jean-Marc Jézéquel are part of the Advisory Board, and 9 DIVERSE members are part of the GEMOC initiative.